Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Before sunrise, before sunset

The jewelry collection designed specially for Nui and Jang,
the lovely couple that give their times to be our role model to design jewelry
according to their personalities and preferences.

I was interested in the movies they both love,
Before Sunrise and Before Sunset
the two movies that 9 years apart from the first one.
They loved the character of the film and the conversation between actors.

Life is about the journey and carrier to take you there
wherever your destination is.
Train and Tram are kinds of classical vehicle people use for such a long time
and they became my point of designing jewelry.

My inspiration is from the train and tram that the actors were in the film,
they talked, laughed and had a great time together
which I referred it into the way of spending life.
It was good to have someone with along the way to the destination.
to love and to share and being with you no matter what :-)

these are my final project when I was a junior.

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