Sunday, April 15, 2012

conceptual rings

This set of rings was made when I was a freshman.
The final project in Basic Jewelry Design subject according to the question

"What does the ring mean to you?"

For me, I love to buy jewelry even though I'm not often wearing it but I love to collect them as well.
So somehow when I decided to wear rings outside, there would be some problem that I've to take it off.
So that's why I always lost my rings.

So, for me, the rings is something that isn't important in life,
but somehow people wants to have it anyway.
It's an addition of living, these becomes the keyword of design.

This set of ring contains 4 rings that have to be worn together in the specific posture.
4 rings for the space between fingers. When you're wearing them,
you'll not be able to change in other movement otherwise the rings will fall.

They show that when you wear it, you cannot do anything easily
and then when you have to take it off, you finally lost them all.

The reason why I designed it into the flower shape is the beauty.
The beauty and sensation of the flower attract to bugs,
they couldn't stop themselves not to get close to the flower just like me.
I couldn't help myself not to interest the jewelry. They affects me and makes me want to own them all.

The material is copper coated by pink gold and black alloy.

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