Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Before sunrise, before sunset

The jewelry collection designed specially for Nui and Jang,
the lovely couple that give their times to be our role model to design jewelry
according to their personalities and preferences.

I was interested in the movies they both love,
Before Sunrise and Before Sunset
the two movies that 9 years apart from the first one.
They loved the character of the film and the conversation between actors.

Life is about the journey and carrier to take you there
wherever your destination is.
Train and Tram are kinds of classical vehicle people use for such a long time
and they became my point of designing jewelry.

My inspiration is from the train and tram that the actors were in the film,
they talked, laughed and had a great time together
which I referred it into the way of spending life.
It was good to have someone with along the way to the destination.
to love and to share and being with you no matter what :-)

these are my final project when I was a junior.

Mr.Hello Nutcracker!

Greeting to my Mr.Hello Nutcracker!
He's actually my work from the metal work subject
with the direction of making the fancy container and I choose Mr.Hello Nutcracker!

He was made by sheets of copper and then color him by spray color and enamel technique.
He's one of my favorite works ever :-)

I made him when I was in junior year.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pah-Lor, Jewelry design in Thai style

Jewelry Design in Thai Style

“Wheel” in Thai means to roll.
In the past, rolled cloth was weaved specially for important ceremonies such as wedding.
The piece of cloth would be used only once. It was then rolled and kept in a bamboo tube.
The concept of rolled cloth is translated into this piece of jewelry.
It is designed to be worn the same way as Pa Bieng, a shoulder piece,
which is usually worn during important ceremony.

This is a program of Jewelry Design in Thai Style
by the 2nd year students (2009)

I used the cros-stitch technique to make the color on the pattern as I wish.
and adapted the old pattern to be more modern.

Circle of love

"Little Human"
Name of the program cooperate with deaf children,
designing jewelry inspired by them
each student works as partner with a deaf child.

I got Pim, a cute girl who couldn't speak or hear
but I can feel her love around me.
She so inspired and has no limited of love to shared to everyone
So I designed her jewelry in a shape of heart that keep expanding wider and wider.
I named it "Circle of Love"

The program that compiles everyone's works including mine :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Body Art Jewelry1

This set of jewelry was made according to find the beauty in our bodies.
So I saw the empty between fingers, and I just thought it was amazing when we move the fingers close and separated.
It created the empty between fingers, So I designed my jewelry to be forced in specific posture.

The materials are wood and sheets of brass.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Café Culture necklace

This necklace was made when I was a sophomore,
it was actually the final project in Jewelry Design 1 subject.

This kinetic necklace was inspired by my free-time activity,
that I usually spend my weekends in the beautiful café around Bangkok.

In addition to the Latte Art which is very interesting for me.
So it was translated into this piece of jewelry that referred to the scent of café and bakery,
the beauty of a Latte Art. I had an experiment about the material such as clay, wood, acrylic and epoxy enamel.

Art history bracelet

This bracelet is one of the projects I had done when I was a sophomore.
topic in Art History, The professor allowed us to choose the era we interested.

I have an inspiration from Rococo age. I was fascinated by pastel color and swirl graphic.
I had adapted the old style to become more modern.
Circle shape is the simplest element with many details, movement lines and color from epoxy enamel.

The material is a sheet of brass with the sawing technique and epoxy enamel.

conceptual rings

This set of rings was made when I was a freshman.
The final project in Basic Jewelry Design subject according to the question

"What does the ring mean to you?"

For me, I love to buy jewelry even though I'm not often wearing it but I love to collect them as well.
So somehow when I decided to wear rings outside, there would be some problem that I've to take it off.
So that's why I always lost my rings.

So, for me, the rings is something that isn't important in life,
but somehow people wants to have it anyway.
It's an addition of living, these becomes the keyword of design.

This set of ring contains 4 rings that have to be worn together in the specific posture.
4 rings for the space between fingers. When you're wearing them,
you'll not be able to change in other movement otherwise the rings will fall.

They show that when you wear it, you cannot do anything easily
and then when you have to take it off, you finally lost them all.

The reason why I designed it into the flower shape is the beauty.
The beauty and sensation of the flower attract to bugs,
they couldn't stop themselves not to get close to the flower just like me.
I couldn't help myself not to interest the jewelry. They affects me and makes me want to own them all.

The material is copper coated by pink gold and black alloy.


I've created this blog as an online portfolio.
every works here are my previous art projects since freshmen.
Now I'm just graduated from Silpakorn University,
the specific art academy in Thailand.

4 years in jewelry design department
leads me to become a quality and proudly designer in the future.

I love my works and what I've been doing,
every pieces were made by love

Pilynn Siriphanich